Welcome to Counseling Matters

Hi, I’m glad you stopped by. I’ve dabbled for about a year in this blogging thing and am really getting to like it.

I decided to transition into a new format and take a more intentional approach – meeting to invest heartily in writing and connecting with others in this really cool forum.

I am really into walking with God and with utilizing counseling principles and methods to see people grow, heal and become. I love the place where these things converge – our emotional and personal growth and our relationship with God. In fact, I believe that they overlap so closely that I am ready to declare them the same thing. Our personal walk with God is also our personal development into emotional maturity.

I want to write about the struggle involved in both of these – for they are a struggle; a wonderful and at the same time frustrating, confusing, and arduous struggle. Walking with God faithfully can be maddening at times! And trying to address our weaknesses, our anxieties, our anger, our relational problems, our hurts – yeah, that takes everything we’ve got and more, if we are not living in complete denial and avoidance that is.

I am confident that these struggles are purposeful! God has an amazing plan that involves such challenges. God isn’t interested in simply hurrying through developing us or fixing us so that we can get on with doing his will or serving him. We are the plan! God’s plan and the focus of his attention is not just out there – but on us. I believe that God is the Good Parent, and we can view his involvement with us as a wise and patient parent towards their preschool children. Yes, I am suggesting that we are God’s Toddlers!

My goal is to flesh out my understanding of how these work out in our lives and how we can align with God in his working us up into our best selves.

Since I believe we were made for relationship, I want to be able to connect with others over such concepts and hear from others and learn from others. This is just as much about my growth as anyone else’s.

Again, I appreciate you coming. I’ll be churning out thoughts and looking for your feedback!

I invite you to get others involved. It will enrich everyone’s experience and all of our growth.

Toddling with you,


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2 Responses to Welcome to Counseling Matters

  1. Hi Matt. Saw your blog & had to comment… This is exactly how I have been growing over the past years since I worked with you and you had me meet my inner child! I always knew that child was the best part of me, but I needed a father to hold my hand and help me learn and grow. I cried out to God, “Daddy, please show me how…I can’t do it by myself,” and he has held my hand, walked with me, loved me, and believed in me enough for me to learn to believe in myself! And along with believing in myself I learned to know myself and love myself, as the precious child that God sees me as. And I have discovered the unique gifts He has given me, and my “purpose” in life which is to share those gifts with others… The secret is just asking… just as He told us. My weakness and fears have become my strengths, because they have made me cry out for help, not to humans who had their own agendas, but to my heavenly Daddy who loves me unconditionally. And Daddys love to spoil their little girls! And guess what else… He has also taught me the TRUE meaning of Love and “relationships”… so I don’t have to chase after them any more… I already have the best relationship I could ever imagine with Him, and in my human relationships, now that I know who I am I can just “BE” me…. my own imperfect wonderful self! And that relationships form when I share “just me” with others. There’s so much more I could tell you, but for now, thank you for helping me meet my precious “toddler” self. I’m so glad I did!

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