Mask Wearing Isn’t Just For Halloween

Counseling Matters

V mask

By Matt W. Sandford, LMHC

Do you get excited about Halloween? It seems to me that many people are polarized about this holiday, meaning they are either wildly into it or they really could not care less, or think negatively about it. But, whether or not you care one whit about Halloween, we all wear masks. We likely have more than one, wearing different ones to fit the occasion. Masks are great, because masks allow us to pretend we are something or someone else. And masks help us to relax in uncomfortable situations, or even behave in ways that we would normally feel insecure about. And we can hide behind masks. Oh yes, we can hide.

We as a culture have become very adept indeed at wearing masks. So much so that most people are conditioned into mask wearing to the degree that they are not even aware of wearing…

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