About Matt

Matt W Sandford, MA, LMHC

My vision is to see people discover their best selves and see them equipped to make the changes in their lives that will bring freedom, purpose, clarity of mind and heart, and emotionally healthy relationships. I believe that we were designed to be overcomers, but we are relational beings who become free and healthy through safe relationships. Counseling provides that safe relationship, while equipping folks to develop healthy relationships more fully in their lives. Through active listening, empathy, insight and connectedness I walk with people in their pain and gently leans into people’s lives in order to help.

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida and I’ve been in counseling for eight years.

I work in private practice in Winter Park, FL at The Life Works Group.


I have four categories of specialties, which are:

Emotional Management or Development:                        Couples/Relationships/Family:

–          Self esteem                                                                                        –     Communication

–          Shame and Guilt                                                                               –     Resentment

–          Anxiety and Stress                                                                          –     Emotional Wounds

–          Depression/Apathy                                                                        –     Unhealthy patterns

–          Healing/ Coping with past abuse                                                  –     Boundary Issues

–          Anger                                                                                                 –     Abusiveness

–          Grief                                                                                                   –     Control

–          Perfectionism

Parenting/Teens:                                                                                            Faith/Spiritual Challenges:

–          Parenting frustration                                                                      –     Integration of emotional and

–          Parenting methods                                                                                spiritual health

–          Parent-Child communication                                                          –     Faith struggles

–          Character development                                                                    –     Life purpose/ direction

–          Teen Issues                                                                                         –     Spiritual abuse

I have invested the past 22 years in ministering to people.

I am also a Qualified supervisor for mental health students and interns in the state of Florida. I was in ministry with Campus Crusade For Christ (Cru) for 14 years.  I have worked in technology, in training and development, and on the field both in the U.S. campus ministry and overseas.

I’ve been married for 21 years and my wife and I are raising twins. We are long-time residents of Florida.

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